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Published: 2019-09-26
Paper Type:Research
Paper Title:Assessment of Disclosure of Financial Information of Selected Insurance Companies in Bangladesh with IASS and IFRSs
Author:1Md. Mirajur Rahman
About Author: 1Coordinator, Department of Business Management & Tourism and Hospitality Management, Academy of International Management Studies, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Page No:1-21
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This paper reviews on the assessment of disclosure of financial information in annual reports of selected insurance companies in Bangladesh and discusses the level disclosures with IASs and IFRSs. Increasingly, the credibility of the annual report does not rely so much on the requirement for the measurement to be accurate, but, to start with, on the relevance of the chosen indicators. The purpose of this study is to identify content analysis using IASs and IFRSs Disclosure to understand more about the effectiveness of financial reporting. Effective financial reporting disclose required information that measures the strength of any company. In order to remove the asymmetry of accounting information worldly, this study has been focused on to analyze getting the actual scenario of disclosure with IFRSs and benefits of fully application of its for insurance companies. Assessing the reports of selected insurance companies, it was seen that the most insurance companies have poor application of IFRSs Disclosure. With the evidence, this study has tried to present the scenario of disclosure with IFRSs in annual reports.

IAS, IFRS, Disclosure, Insurance Company, Annual Report

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