The Control and Analysis of Hidden Performance Costs as a Result of Traffic Jam in Kampala Capital City
1TUKESIGA Godfrey, 2BAKAKI Ivan, 3KINIAGI Clinton Humphery, 4WAGIMA Christopher

The Influence of Work Environment and Teacher Competence through School Climate toward Teacher Performance at All Islamic Junior High School in Malang
1Aris Munandar, 2Achmad Sani Supriyatno, 3Alfiana Yuli E

Evaluating Innovations in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Bayelsa State
1Agada, Franklin A, 2Dumani, Markjackson, 3Duke, Ebikela S., 4 Oguru, Foster A.

The Role of Leadership and Organizational Culture Toward The Engagement of Millenial Employees Through Job Satisfaction at Pt Mory Industries Indonesia
1Apud Abdul Aziz, 2 Bomer Pasaribu, 3Partogi S Samosir

The Strange Case of Inventories In Italy. For The Tax Authorities, The Final Inventories of One Year Are The Opening Inventories of The Following Year. Still, The Opening Inventories of One Year Are Not The Final Inventories of The Previous Year. Mystery.......
Maria Silvia Avi

Analysis of Factor Affecting Going Concern Audit Opinion on Manufacturing Companies Sub Sector Food and Beverage Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2015-2019
1Rido Luspratama, 2Nathasya Putri Cuaca,3 Thomas Firdaus Hutahean

Development of the Building Materials Industry in Uzbekistan
1Muhtorali Abdurahmonov, 2Abduvoxidov Suxrob Muxtorali ugli

Financial Control Practices and Accountability in the Public Sector in Nigeria
1Olaoye, Samuel Adebayo, 2Ogbebor, Peter Ifeanyi,3Elelu, Funmi Silifat

The Effect of Motivation and Leadership on Employee Performance through Job Satisfaction at The Directorate General of Rural Area Development Indonesia
1Golda Permatasari Tamaina, 2Suharto,3Iwan Kurniawan Subagja

Performance of Foreign Direct Investment in Commercial Real Estate in Nigeria from 2006-2017
Nkiruka Evangeline Obi-Aso

Impact of Price, Product Quality, and Promotion on Consumer Satisfaction in Cosmetics and Skincare
1Yohanes Gunawan Wibowo,2Reri Herawati Wulandari,3Nurul Qomariah

Implementation of Knowledge Management in Building the Organization Dealing Effectiveness of Dynamic Environment in the Disruptive Era
Muhammad Harri

The Impact of Entrepreneurial Determinants on Ease of Doing Business in English-Speaking West African Countries (ESWACS)
1Poi, G. 2Uzomba, P. C.

Analysis of Technical and Allocative Efficiency among Small Scale Maize Producers in Arsi Negele Woreda, West Arsi Zone of Oromia, Ethiopia
1Muluken Philipos, 2Guta Bukero,3Tamirat Girma

Management of Islamic Education Institutions in Human Resource Development in the Era of Disruption
1Radnasari, 2 Baharuddin,3Achmad Sani Supriyanto

The Effect of Motivation on Employee Performance through Organizational Culture
1Vira Anisya, 2 Achmad Sani Supriyanto,3Vivin Maharani Ekowati

Revealing the Subjective Well-Being of Female Farmers in Terms of the Existence of Social Support in Songan a Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency
1Kadek Rai Suwena, 2 M. Rudi Irwansyah,3Komang Yuiin

Corporate Sustainability: Study of "New Normal" Factors that Affect Corporate Sustainability
1Sumas Wongsunopparat, 2Wei Chun Yang

Real Estate Market Performance in Nigeria: Longitudinal Evidence from Residential and Commercial Property Sectors in Port Harcourt
1Stanley Chika Nwaogu, 2Charles C. Egolum,3Nonso Izuchukwu Ewurum

Evaluation of Customer’s Switching Behavior towards Banking Service Providers in Hanoi
1Le Thi Hai Ha, 2Pham Thi Thuy Van,3Nguyen Thi Anh Tram

Management – Re-Defined - A Step Forward Towards Modern Management Philosophy
Dr. Amar Kumar Chaudhary

The RICO Law and The MAGNITSKY Law - the solution for fighting corruption and the mafia in European Commission and Bulgaria - on the example of the "real owner" of the state company BULGARIAN POSTS JSC and the theft and loss of an American company for $ 250 billion
Lord Prof. PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev

Shariah Hospital Social Responsibility: Maqashid Syariah at Muhammadiyah Hospital
1Andrianto,2Tri Ratnawati,3Nekky Rahmiyati

The MAGNITSKY Law and the RICO Law - The Solution and the Answer against the Order of the Mafia Made by Judge VESSELA EVSTATIEVA and Through the Prosecutors Yaneva, Dimitrova, Stankova, Petrov in Order to Steal Private Property Worth Billions of USD and Caused Losses for US Companies for 8 Billion USD
Lord Prof. PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev

The Effect of Using Social Media on Job Satisfaction: Is There A Role for Job Engagement and Organization Engagement As a Mediator?
1Faradita, 2Mahdani Ibrahim, 3Iskandarsyah Madjid

Effect of Economic Growth, Industrialization, Population Growth, and Renewable Energy on CO2 Emissions in the Long and Short Term in ASEAN 5
1Adhy Satya Pratama, 2M. Pudjihardjo, 3Asfi Manzilati4Devanto Shasta Pratomo

Information and Communication Technology in Nigeria Insurance Industry: Developments, Challenges and Prospects
1,3Uduakobong Inyang, 2,3Okonkwo, Ikeotuonye Victor

Strategic Management and Its Effect on Achieving Excellence among Leaders Working in Al-Quds Insurance Company
Dr. Mahmoud H. Abu Joma

A Comparative Analysis of Weak and Semi-Strong Form Efficiency of Nigerian and South African Foreign Exchange Market
Adetan, Taiwo Temitayo

THE RICO Act and THE MAGNITSKY Act - The Only Decision Against the Fight Against the Judges of the Mafia and the MAFIA IN THE COURT in Bulgaria , Supported by the European Commission - Claims to The EC and Bulgaria for 325 Billion Euros From US and other Companies
Lord Prof. PhD PhD Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev

Tourism Corporate Social Responsibility Effects on Purchase Intention during Covid-19: Mediating Role of Trust and Moderating Role of Trust Propensity

Deployment of Point of Sales and Customer Satisfaction in the Banking Sectorin Ekiti State, Nigeria
1Hezekiah Olufemi, Adetayo, 2Joseph Oluseye, Mokuolu , 3Ezekiel Jide, Fayomi

An Assessment of the use of Business Performance Analysis Indicators in Tourism Enterprises in Vietnam
1Ky Han TRAN,2Ngoc Tien NGUYEN , 3, Thi Le Hang NGUYEN

The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Innovation
1Agung Budiatmo,2 Wahyu Hidayat,3Reni Shinta Dewi,4 Handoyo DW,5 Widayanto

Shifting Cultivation and Strategies to Cope with Food Scarcity of Ethnic Minorities in Nghean province, Vietnam
1Tran Xuan Minh,2 Nguyen Thi Tieng

The Effect of Digital Marketing and Financial Inclusion on Business Sustainability through Marketing Performance Culinary Msme’s in Surakarta
1Lamidi,2Marjam Desma Rahadhini

Impact of Intellectual Capital on Earnings Management: Financial Statement Fraud In Indonesia
1I Made Laut Mertha Jaya,2 Dian Agustia,3Damai Nasution

Assessment of Macroeconomic Factors, Yield to Maturity and Time to Maturity towards Fair Price of Corporate Sukuk in Indonesia and Malaysia
1Herni Ali HT,2Muhammad Hartana Iswandi Putra

The Impact of Membership in a Socially Responsible Index on Stock Prices: A Systematic Review of the Literature
1Mouncif HARABIDA,2Bouchra RADI

Analysis of the Implementation of Financial Statement Presentation Based on Financial Accounting Standards for Entities without Public Accountability at Pt Aurindo Jaya Perkasa Jakarta
Dewi Rejeki

Influence of Work From Home Policies and Performance Allowance on Employee Performance at The Directorate General of Administration of The Ministry of Home Affairs Indonesia
1Azis Hakim, 2Iwan Kurniawan Subagja

Using of the Circularity Indicators in the Financial Communication of Listed Companies in the Construction Industry
1EZZIADI Abdelali, 2CHACHDI Aziza

Learning to Work While Homebound – The Effects of Remote Work on Job Performance during the Covid-19 Pandemic
1Oscar Aliaga Rebolledo, 2Daniel Cofré Vega,3Rolando Soto Belmar

Determinants Influencing Customer’s Switching Behavior towards Banking Service Providers in Hanoi
1Nguyen Thi Anh Tram,2Pham Thi Thuy Van,3Le Thi Hai Ha

Small Scale Maize Farmers Attitude towards Opinion Leaders in the Western Region of Kenya in the Agricultural Reform Era
Adijah Mukabana Olubandwa

Does Board Ownership Affect Bank Risk-Taking?
1Neddy Soi,2Dr. Josephat Cheboi Yegon,3Dr. David Kosgei

Job Satisfaction of Industrial Workers of Bangladesh: A Study on Meghna Textile Mills Limited
1Md Iqbal Hossain Sarker, 2Professor Dr. Md. Abu Sina

NGOs as Contributing Factor to Local Communities’ Development in Rwanda. An Overview of Care International in Bugesera District
Dr. MBONIGABA Celestin

The Development of Public Sector Accounting in Indonesia – A Bibliography Study
1Oryza Sativa Heningtyas, 2Ahmad Basid Hasibuan

Moderating and Mediating Role of Trust on Relationship between Servqual andSatisfaction in Delivery Service
1Sudirman Zaid, 2Alida Palilati,3 Rahmat Madjid, 4Juharsah,5Nursaban Rommy Suleman

The Impact of Financial Intermediation on the Economy of Ghana
1David Kwashie Garr , 2David Mensah Awadzie

The Effect of Liquidity, Solvency, Financial Condition and Company Size on Going Concern Audit Opinion on the Property and Real Estate Sector Listed on IDX
1Namira Ufrida Rahmi, 2Cindy Cenora,3Michella, 4Merry Tandias

Analysis of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Accounting Information Systems on Building Materials Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Using the PIECES Method
1Fajar Islamiyah Rahmawati, 2Nurafni Eltivia,3Jaswadi

Auditors’ Duty To Detect Related Party Transactions, To Be Professionally Skeptical, and To Detect Fraud: A Case Study of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network, Inc.
Stephen Errol Blythe

Regional Financial Ratio Index and Local Government Performance Score of Regency and City Governments in Province South Sumatra
1Abid Djazuli, 2Sunardi, 3Wely

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