NEOLIBERALISM AND GLOBALIZATION - The Environment for the DEEP MAFIA for Plundering Peoples, Enslaving Peoples and Nations Theory of Mafiotismus and "Financially Banking Resource-Based Technological Mafia-Driven Materialism" - The Real Ideology of the DEEP MAFIA Does the Nobel Committee Serve the DEEP MAFIA in This Direction!?!?

Aim and Scope

JEFMS aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in Economics, Finance and Management. The scope of the journal encompasses research articles, reviews and short communications.

Frequency of Publication

JEFMS will publish 12 monthly issues, We publishes articles as soon as the final copy of edited version is approved. Accepts articles in all research fields of Economics, Finance And Management Studies.

Call For Paper

1) Last Date of Submission : 26 January 2022
2) Article published within a week.
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