The Effect of Inflation, Rupiah Exchange, Interest Rate, Earning Volatility and Cash Holding on Stock Prices of Manufacturing Companies Listed on IDX
1Ardianto Wilano,2Jordan Gozali,3Evelin Mishella Pakpahan,4Ninta Katharina

Implementation of The Tri Hita Karana Culture In Delone And Mclean Models To Assess The Success of Using Accounting Information Systems
1Ni Wayan Septiana Candra Dewi, 2Herkulanus Bambang Suprasto, 3Anak Agung Ngurah Bagus Dwirandra, 4I Gusti Ayu Made Asri Dwija Putri

Empowerment Of Besek Bamboo Crafts In Coastal Communities, Kasiyan Village, Puger District, Jember Regency
1Nanik Hariyana, 2Nuruni Ika K W, 3Nurkholish Majid

The Effect of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence on the Performance of Tax Consultants with Ego Depletion as a Mediation Variable
Oyong Lisa

NEOLIBERALISM AND GLOBALIZATION - The Environment for the DEEP MAFIA for Plundering Peoples, Enslaving Peoples and Nations Theory of Mafiotismus and "Financially Banking Resource-Based Technological Mafia-Driven Materialism" - The Real Ideology of the DEEP MAFIA Does the Nobel Committee Serve the DEEP MAFIA in This Direction!?!?
1Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev, 2Prof. Mariola Garibova- Dobreva

Creating, Managing and Increasing Inequalities and Poverty Around The World - The Goal of the DEEP MAFIA Prof. Momchil Dobrev;S “Theory of Mafiotismus” and "Financially Banking Resource-Based Technological Mafia-Driven Materialism" - The Real Ideology of the DEEP MAFIA Does the Nobel Committee Serve the DEEP MAFIA?!?!
1Lord Prof. Momtchil Dobrev-Halachev, 2Lady Prof. Mariola Garibova-Dobreva

The Role of Leadership, Organizational Citizenship Behavioral and Work Environment in Improving Employee Job Satisfaction
1Nursaid, Feti Fatimah, 2Fitriana Putri, 3Tomi Ismanto, 4Ndaru Tutus Priyohadoko,5Nurul Qomariah

The Affect of Economic Growth toward Poverty in JABODETABEK
1Bambang Hermanto,2Heru Subiyantoro, 3 Karno,4Oyong Lisa

Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Performance of Sharia Bank in Indonesia
1Rio Trisasmita,2Ismawati Haribowo, 3 Hilwan Ridlwan

Entrepreneurship Creative Projects as an Effort to Improve interest in Entrepreneurship Students
1M. Lukman Hakim, 2Ratnawati

Policies Contribution and Integrated Quality Management to Improve the Quality of Services in Primary and Secondary Education in the Banten of Province 21 St Centuruy The Era of the Revolutionary 4.0
Prof. Dr. Sudadio, M. Pd

The Role of Job Satisfaction as Mediating of Financial Compensation and Communication Competence on the Agricultural Instructor Performance
1Ramzi, 2Mahdani Ibrahim, 3A. Sakir, 4Mukhlis Yunus

In The Case of False Financial Reporting/False Corporate Communications, Is it Appropriate to Identify Quantitative Thresholds that Trigger Criminal Sanctions, or is it Desirable not to Set Such Thresholds?
Maria Silvia Avi

Construction Project Planning and Scheduling: A Case of Inlet Separator Fabrication
1Wiwik Handayani, 2Delly Nofiani

Women Empowerment through the Development of Family Entrepreneurship towards a Creative Economy, Puger District, Jember Regency
1Nuruni Ika K W,2 Ignatia Martha H,3 Iwan Kresna Setiadi

Power Using, Economic Structure and Sustainable Development in the Vietnamese Economy
1Bui Trinh2Nguyen Quang Thai

The Effects of Organizational Design and Decision Making Process on Organizational Performance
1Ayundha Evanthi,2 Ratih Mukti Azhar

Impact of COVID - 19 Pandemic on Moral Disengagement Models Adopted by Hospitality Operations: A Case Study of Cairo, Egypt
1Mohamed Hany B. Moussa, 2Dalea Helal,3 Mohamed Hussein Abdel Gaber

Employee Well-Being Becomes Top Priority
Christine Reidhead

Analysis of Factors Determining Capital Structure of Firms Listed in Colombo Stock Exchange in Sri Lanka
1M.B.M. Amjath,2 N.F. Sufeera

Determinants of the Level of Participation in Green Supply Chain Management: Case of Vietnamese Electronics Manufacturing Enterprises
1Do Hoai Linh,2 Tran Duc Thanh, 3Do Thanh Tra,
4Nguyen Thu Ha,5 Vu Danh Tai, 6Dao Thu Huong

Performance Evaluation Model – Overview of Some Research
Thi Sen Vu

Assessing Tax Potential of Regions
Aytbay Orazbaevich Madreimov

Mediating Factors That Influence The Relation Between Budget Congruence and Managerial Performance in Public Services Universities in Indonesia
1IMAM Buchori, 2TRI Ratnawati,3 MULYANTO Nugroho,4 MOCHAMMAD Ilyas Junjunan,
5 AJENG Tita Nawangsari,6 MOHAMMAD Dliyaul Muflihin

The Role of Improving the Tax System in the Development of Entrepreneurship During the Pandemic
Nargiza Nurmatovna Karshieva

Integration of Digital Platforms in Modern Human Resource and Talent Management
Dildara Bakhtiyorovna Gapparova

The Role of Business Lending in Gdp Growth
Nilufar Ilhomovna Sultanova

Group Borrowing : Microfinance-Tontine Sustainable Co-Existence. Case Of Cameroon
1AKANGA REUBEN Johnson, 2FOSSI Armand Depesquidoux,3 DONGMO KANA Valery Verges

The Effect of Company Size, Company Growth, Financial Conditions, Debt Default And Audit Opinion 2016-2019 on Going Concern Audit Opinions (Empire Study of Trading Companies Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange)
1Charles,2Ayu Kartika Kinata

Impact of East African Community Integration on Trade: Gravity Model Approach
Kiptum George Kosgei

Effect of Debt Ratio, Company Size, Reputation of Public Accounting Firms and Company Growth on Going Concern Audit Opinions on Consumer Goods Companies Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange For The 2016-2019 Period
1Enda Noviyanti Simorangkir,2Angeline,3Ervina Kusuma

Knowledge Transfer in Multinational Corporation in Nigeria (Processes and Enablers)
1Diala Chinwendu Virginia,2Anthony Aniagbaoso Igwe

The Effect of Diversity towards Team Conflict and How Emotional Intelligence Role as Moderating Variable in Improving Team Performance: A Theoretical Study
1Setria Feri,2 Sopiah

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